Importing Donations

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Template Column Headers

Asterisk next to column headers indicate when a field is required, not required or required under certain circumstances.

  • Column headers with 2 asterisk = field ALWAYS required

  • Column headers with 1 asterisk = field required only if Gift Aid is marked "yes"

  • Column headers with no asterisk = field NOT required


This is just a unique reference to identify the donation. If you leave blank, the system will generate one for you.

Donation Date**

This needs to be in the format DD/MM/YYYY. For example, 15/03/2018 would mean 15th March 2018.

Donation Amount**

All amounts must be in GBP and need to be in the format xx.xx but without the currency sign. For example, a donation of £25 should be recorded as 25.00 on the csv import template.

Donor's Email*

This field is only required if Gift Aid Aid is "Yes".

Payment Method**

This is a required field.

Gift Aid**

This is simple "yes" or "no" field. Enter "yes" if you have evidence that a donor is happy for you to claim Gift Aid for a particular donation. Enter “no” otherwise.

Payment Confirmation

This is any payment reference (receipt number, bank reference etc.) that confirms that payment has actually been received. This field is not required but may be helpful for accounting purposes.

Name & Address Fields

A donor’s First Name*, Last Name*, Address Line 1*, City*, and Post code* is only required if they are happy for you to claim Gift Aid on their donation. (Gift Aid = Yes)

Post Code

As mentioned in the "Name & Address Fields" section above, a post code is required if Gift Aid equals ‘yes’. In addition to this, a valid UK post code must be in the format A99 9AA, AA9 9AA, AA99 9AA, A9 9AA, A9A 9AA or AA9A 9AA, where A is a letter and 9 is a number. See examples below;

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