The Donation App

HMRC Recognised Donation and Gift Aid Software for UK Churches and Charities

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Receive Donations via Mobile App, Self-service Kiosk & Website

Already have a mobile app? No problem! We will work with your developers on integration.

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Get Tools That Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Data Entry

Cheer up! We've done all the heavy lifting so you won't even need to lift a finger!

Cheer up! We've done all the heavy lifting so you won't even need to lift a finger!

Save Time

Manual data entry is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Save time by deploying a system that does all the admin work for you.

Avoid Errors

Transcription errors are fairly common in manual data entry. The donation app can help you completely eliminate this phenomenon. 

Stay Up-to-date

No more data backlogs and delays! Get information in realtime and make reporting effortless, timely and accurate.

Save Money

Save money by doing away with the cost of managing paper-based or outdated computer systems.

Receive More Donations

Give your donors multiple options for making donations without increasing your admin burden. Let them choose between a mobile app, on-site kiosk and website donations.

Get a Bird's-eye View of All Donations and Gift Aid in Realtime

See the big picture as it unfolds and drill down into details with a couple of clicks

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Make Gift Aid Claims with Confidence

Keep Track of Gift Aid Claimable Without Hassle and Submit Direct to HMRC in A Few Clicks